Selling on the Market

Last Edited: September 18th, 2014

Rates and Channels

Vendors can distribute their applications to a variety of channels with no upfront cost. Simply select the desired channel and benefit from greater reach:

We list all applications in the Developer Program on the AppDirect Application Marketplace by default. 


Setting prices

  • Create pricing plans in the Pricing & Editions page for your application in the Developer Portal, which automatically ties them to AppDirect's billing engine.
    • You can set almost any type of pricing for your applications, including most flat rates, usage rates, and monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans.
  •  AppDirect encourages the use of free trials to give users the opportunity to test applications and make an informed purchase decision.
    • Our billing engine allows for a variety of free trial configurations, but 30 day trial periods are recommended.
  • AppDirect accepts free editions, however, each listed application must have at least one associated priced edition.

Pricing policies

All prices listed on AppDirect must match the market price. Vendors must not quote the user a lower price for the same application on their website or by any other means with two exceptions:

  • AppDirect exclusive editions
    • ​Vendors may create exclusive editions listed only on AppDirect with special features.
    • You can price these editions above or below the existing market price of the standard application.
  • Promotional Codes
    • Vendors may provide customers with promotional codes that can be used to register for applications at a discount on AppDirect.​


AppDirect sales responsibilities

  • We market directly to businesses using both traditional and viral marketing strategies.
  • We contact and close leads for you, but do not pursue customers beyond trial periods.

Developer sales responsibilities

  • You will receive a customer’s contact information when a user signs up for an application.
  • Vendors are encouraged to follow up with the user within 30 days by phone or email to convert the trial user to a paid subscriber.
    • Vendors are not required to perform a sales call.
    • AppDirect may also periodically reach out to the customer to convert the trial user to a paid subscriber.
  • Vendors may not solicit a customer for products or services unrelated to the application sold on AppDirect.
  • Vendors may provide one-time implementation or consulting services to the user directly; services are to be billed directly to the user.
  • Vendors must respect AppDirect customers and abide by the Program Policies.
  • Users can control their privacy settings and indicate that they do not wish to be contacted by a vendor.


How it works

AppDirect serves as the primary billing service provider for all applications offered on the marketplace(s):

  1. You set all your prices for applications published to the AppDirect Network.
  2. AppDirect collects payments from business customers according to our billing and renewal schedule (see user billing policies below).
  3. On the fifth day of each month, AppDirect pays vendors their share of revenue collected in the previous calendar month.
  4. You can track all orders, invoices, and payments through the Developer Portal.

Billing policies

Renewal and billing schedule:

  • We only provision applications after receiving payments from business customers unless you indicate a free trial.
  • We automatically bill accounts on renewal dates unless we receive a cancellation notice from subscribers.

Credit card failures and overdue payments:

  1. We send out notices to the customer billing contact via email.
  2. If the credit card continues to fail we will suspend the account on the fifth working day of an overdue payment.
    • We will freeze access on our side and will notify the vendor automatically using the AppDirect Event API to suspend the account.
  3. If the customer fails to pay within 30 days, we will notify you using the AppDirect Event API and suggest that you deactivate their account.

Account reactivation:

  • If the client desires to reactivate an account after a cancelation request, we ask that you reactivate the account without penalty to the subscriber.

Cancellation policy:

  • Customers may cancel a service any time.
  • AppDirect collects feedback on the reason for the cancellation.
  • No refunds are given for cancellations during pre-paid periods.


AppDirect support responsibilities

  • AppDirect provides support to customers for password recovery, authentication, provisioning, billing, and all other AppDirect features.
  • AppDirect provides every customer that subscribes to an app the relevant vendor support contact information.
  • AppDirect provides vendors a dedicated support representative as a point of contact.

Developer support responsibilities

  • Vendors are responsible for supporting their own applications.
    • We do not require that vendors offer support for their products, but you must indicate whether or not you support your application in the listing.
  • Vendors must provide AppDirect with a dedicated support representative.
  • Vendors must specify support requirements in their EULA.