Last Edited: July 18th, 2012

HOW TO: Translate Your Application from English to French

Offering a French version of your application could help you increase revenue by targeting Bell Canada's French Canadian Customer base.

First step: Internationalization

The Internationalization process varies depending on the language you used to develop your app. You can use the links below to access Internationalization tutorials for the four main languages:

Second step: Application Profile Content Translation

We suggest you work with a translation agency to translate your profile content. You should also be aware the customers may expect customer support in French.

Third step: “French/English” Attribute Exchange

To access an application, a user on AppDirect authenticates themselves using AppDirect's OpenID provider. During the authentication process you can obtain a certain number of attributes including the user language, in addition to the user OpenID. You can get the user language as part of the SReg attributes (attribute name: "language") or as part of the attributes requested through Attribute Exchange (attribute URL: "").

By reading the language attribute at the time of login, you can automatically present your application to users in their preferred language for a seamless experience.

You can test these attributes by using the AppDirect OpenID provider URL ( on these URLs:

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