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The Voice of the Cloud Service Consumer

At AppDirect, we get the opportunity to partner with innovative providers and developers who are making it easy for millions of businesses around the world to find, buy, and use the cloud services that can help them succeed. As a white-label technology provider, we often don’t get the chance to work directly with the businesses who use cloud-based software—until now.

Our team recently spent some time with two local Bay Area companies—CCS Architecture and The Plant Cafe Organic—that are using cloud services to communicate better, work more efficiently, and achieve more. We created a video to capture their experiences, as well as showcase how technology can transform businesses. Debuted at our recent Partner Summit, the video was key in highlighting the voices of consumers, an essential part of the larger cloud service commerce ecosystem.

Check out the video below, and keep an eye out for even more great video content we’ll be releasing over the coming weeks.

Stephen Banbury is the Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at AppDirect.

Posted by Stephen Banbury on Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

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