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Notes for Release 54

This week, the release features improvements to how popular products are sorted, as well as how search results are filtered.

Release: 54
Release date: July 20, 2012 


  • Popular Products Improvement
    • Popular products are now sorted by their popularity, and not manipulated by the Marketplace Manager "popularity" flag.
    • Popularity is determined by number of orders (paid, free, or trial all count as an order).
    • Updates to this feature can be seen in the following areas of the site:
      • Marketplace
        • The "Popular Products" template on the marketplace now is sorted by product popularity.
          • If no products have been sold, or not enough products have been sold, the slider will not appear at all.
        • The Sort By "popular" functionality on the Search Results page is unchanged.
      • Manage Marketplace Products
        • The "Popular" flag in Catalog > Product > Settings popup is now removed.
  • Search Results Filters Improvement
    • Previous behavior for filtered search results:
      • If two filters were selected, results were shown and were tagged with either tag.
    • New behavior:
      • If two filters are selected, results are shown and are tagged with both tags.
      • The new behavior helps customers drill down faster into what they are looking for, and complies with expected behavior on web search filters.
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