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Notes for Release 52

This week's release features several marketplace improvements, including updates to the API Health features added in release 51.

Release: 52 
Release date: July 9, 2012


  • Search Results Page "Marketplace Owned" filter
    • A new attribute filter has been added on the Search Results page for products created by the Marketplace Company.
  • Improvements to ajax fuctionality on Search Results page


  • Manage Products API Health: Assign / Unassign added
    • This is an addition to a feature released in 51 for marketplace owners to manage product functionality when APIs are down. This week, the Assign / Unassign manager was added. 
    • When Assign / Unassign is marked as down:
      • On the assign products page, the product cannot be assigned and appropriate messaging is shown.
      • When managing a product, functionality to change ownership is disabled.
    • Just like the other API flags:
      • Disabling options are found in Channel > Marketplace > Catalog > Product Settings. This feature replaces (and removes) the single "Under Maintenance" flag. 
    • This feature is only available if a product is an exclusive product to a marketplace or the marketplace owns the network catalog.
  • New Email Template for Free Trials
    • An additional email template has been added to the marketplace email manager for Free Trial purchases. This allows for the customization of emails customers receive after they have purchased a product with a free trial.


  • All Tables Search Interaction Improvement
    • When a search is initiated in any data table, the user immediately sees a spinner on the search box to indicate the search is being performed. Once the search is complete and search results are shown, the spinner is replaced by the search icon again.

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