Release Notes

Notes for Release 46

This week, the release features the ability to manage all customer-facing emails and delete user accounts.

Release Branch: 46
Release Date: May 25, 2012

User Account

  • Delete User Account
    • User can delete his or her account permenantly from the "My Settings" page by clicking the "Delete Account" button.

Marketplace Management

  • Edit Customer Emails
    • Marketplace managers can now manage all customer-facing emails, including content and custom HTML.
    • How to build and test custom emails:
      • Each email has a "To" and "Event" description. These inform to whom the email is sent and what event triggers the email being sent.
      • Certain emails can be "Disabled" from the edit email screen. When emails are disabled they are no longer sent to any users. Certain emails cannot be disabled because they are essential to the usability of a marketplace (i.e., the "Account Activation" email).  In this case the "Disabled" option will not appear.
      • Each email has a list of "Available Parameters" shown on the right of the editor. These parameters are automatically filled with the appropriate content when the email is sent. For example, on the "Invite User" email, one of the parameters is {USER_FIRST_NAME}.  Whenever this email is sent, this variable is filled with the first name of the user who is being invited. Parameters can be easily added to the email by clicking them on the right panel.
      • Emails can have custom HTML and match any branding styles. Use the toolbars to include basic elements, like indented lists, fonts, background styles, and alignment. Images can be linked from existing URLs, or can be uploaded in modern browsers (Chrome and Firefox) by copying and pasting images into the editor.
      • Test the layout and content of emails by clicking the "Send a Sample Email." The sample email will be sent to your email account, or the email account mentioned below the button. Use the sample emails to test your layout in multiple email providers, browsers, or devices.
  • "Tester" Role Option
    • Base marketplaces now have the option available to mark users as "testers" from the Customers area. Testers can forgo the payment flows. Any accounts made by testers are sent to vendors with the "TESTER" flag attached.
  • Edit Discount Additions
    • Base marketplaces can now edit the share distribution of discounted prices.


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