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Notes for Release 43

Release 43 features a number of improvements, such as a streamlined purchase flow in the marketplace and better search indexing.

Release branch: 43
Release date: May 4, 2012


  • Marketplace management
    • Option to set Product Groups as required fields for creating and adding products to the marketplace.
    • Channel admins can see the option to set an attribute as required from the Product Groups page, within an attribute detail.
    • If a product group is set as required, a tag from that group must be selected to add the product to the marketplace with the marketplace catalog manager.
    • If a product group is set as required and the marketplace has a developer portal, the developer will see the attribute as required when adding or editing a product on the "edit listing" page.
  • Filter added on Product Catalog table to filter by integration type.
  • Ping test improvement
    • If integration events are defined on the channel level, the ping tests are not run for each product.


  • Marketplace search improved.
    • The marketplace search now indexes product tags in addition to product content.
  • Signup funnel removed for all marketplaces which are not demos.
    • Extensive user testing revealed that the stepped signup flow caused too many dropoffs to be beneficial to marketplace engagement.  Steps two through four have been removed, so now only the activate page is required for signup.
  • Purchase flow streamlined.
    • Extraneous or duplicate items have been removed to streamline the purchase experience.
    • On the create order page, a legal note is added to indicate that taxes have not been included.
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