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Meet Kelsey, A Well-Traveled Recruiter with an Eye Toward Home

Here’s another post in our blog series that features the stories of our talented team members from around the world.

Kelsey Dunn, Senior Recruiter
Kelsey has been with AppDirect since October 2012.

Kelsey, why did you join the Recruiting team at AppDirect?

I joined the Recruiting team at AppDirect to focus on supporting and scaling a positive experience for each candidate, with a main focus on ensuring candidates were promptly scheduled and warmly welcomed for interviews. This gave me great insight into the hiring process and how adaptable it must be to changing customer and company needs.

Throughout our phases of recent growth, our commitment to values-based hiring has remained unchanged. I started out as a coordinator, but this foundation made for a natural transition for me to full-cycle recruiter almost two years ago. Since then, I have worked with hiring managers across both the tech and business organizations to translate their needs into new roles and new team members across 10 global offices. Overall, I most enjoy working on blended roles that require an equally-weighted sense of both business and tech acumen.

What’s a part of your role that you really enjoy?

I've enjoyed contributing on the programs side. There's so much to tackle as a growing recruiting team. It can be challenging to think about what to prioritize on the programs and operations side when you are searching for key hires. Through the work of our team, I've learned the importance of strategic thinking while building and incorporating programs based on our brand, budget, and the resources we have to maintain those initiatives. Successful programs for employee referrals, awareness events, and internal trainings have depended on having the entire company onboard.

It is a true team effort between our coordinators, operations staff, recruiters, and managers to keep things moving day to day in recruiting. One of the best parts is welcoming each new team member during our monthly townhall meetings. There is always so much mutual enthusiasm and excitement during those introductions—and of course, the highly anticipated fun facts.

What’s a favorite memory you have from your time here at the company?

In May of 2013, we held a company-wide scavenger hunt and I was on the team assigned to crafting the games, clues, and route. As it turns out, scavenger hunt planning is an art! That afternoon we formed small teams, added some flare to our normal business attire, and set out into the city. Highlights included hunting down customer logos in the Financial District and hanging on jungle gyms in Chinatown. Since adding nearly 300 more folks to the team, we will need extra help to plan another!

Are you originally from the Bay Area?

2015 marks five years since I relocated to San Francisco from a small Maryland town west of Washington, D.C. I plan trips back every four or five months to visit family and friends. As I've become more and more familiar with San Francisco, Ive come to better understand what I have in my hometown too. Aside from the people and my mom's famous breakfasts, I've come to miss the seasons, mostly, and all that goes along with the changes in weather. It was always the best feeling, when things started to warm up after winter, knowing you had a whole spring and summer ahead of you.

Okay, finally, what are some of your favorite places you've visited so far?

A few years after college, I traveled to Tanzania and South Korea on back-to-back unrelated trips. The trip to Tanzania was with a community group to tour rural schools. The other was a trip to visit my sister who was studying abroad in Seoul. It was fun to travel to two distinct places in such a short time. Most recently, I traveled to Peru with that same sister to hike the Huchuy Qosqo trail to Machu Picchu. Some of my other favorite past trips include Capetown, South Africa, Chennai, India, and Osaka, Japan.

One of my favorite stories from the Osaka trip involves a homestay where the mother offered me traditional house slippers to wear during my stay. I am on the taller side, so they barely fit over my toes! It ended up that I had to wear the father's slippers during my time with the family. I'll have to travel with my own pair next time!

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Posted by Gretchen Dukowitz on Thursday, December 17th, 2015

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