Microsoft CSP Best Practice Deep Dive: Customer Support

Posted by Christophe Girault on Friday, November 13th, 2015

The final post in our series on how to succeed as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) explores an essential area for success—customer support. Two of the top three reasons for customer churn are due to a lack of support, which begs an important question: Why is customer support something that so few companies seem to get right? Read on to learn more.

Selling Value, Not Just Features with the Microsoft CSP Program

Posted by Christophe Girault on Thursday, November 5th, 2015

The second post in our Microsoft CSP go-to-market best practices blog series delves into how the Microsoft CSP program can help sales teams create more value—for both customers and companies alike—and why the initial on-boarding process and optimizing the customer experience are so important to retention. Read on to learn more.

Top 3 Go-to-Market Best Practices for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers

Posted by Christophe Girault on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program is changing the game by lowering barriers for businesses that want to offer Microsoft cloud products. But how can Microsoft CSPs compete in an increasingly crowded market? How do they create a compelling value proposition that sets them apart? Read the first post in our series about Microsoft CSP go-to-market strategies.

AppDirect on TechCrunch: Sell SaaS, They Said… It Will Be Easy, They Said

Posted by Gretchen Dukowitz on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

It has never been easier for customers to buy software. According to Goldman Sachs, SaaS revenue is predicted to reach $106 billion in 2016, a 21 percent increase over projected 2015 spending. So if SaaS is so easy to buy, why does it often seem so difficult to sell?

70% of the Fortune 100 Focus on IoT; Here’s How AppDirect’s New Acquisition Can Help

Posted by Daniel Saks on Thursday, September 24th, 2015

At AppDirect, we’ve found one big sign that the buzz surrounding the IoT is more than just noise. We recently wrapped up the first phase of AppDirect’s latest Fortune 500 App Report and found that 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies offer IoT initiatives or products. Learn how our latest acquisition can help make more of these efforts a reality.

AppDirect Launches, Goes on the Road with Microsoft CSP API Integration

Posted by Sarah Beattie on Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

Microsoft’s Office 365 continues to zoom past milestone after milestone. Earlier this year, the company announced that it now has 50 million active monthly Office 365 business customers. Microsoft’s cloud portfolio presents a tremendous opportunity for providers, which is why we’re excited to announce the official launch of our Microsoft CSP API integration. Click to learn more about how we’re enabling CSPs.

One Third of Inc. 500 Software Companies Have Marketplace Strategies

Posted by Paul Arnautoff on Monday, August 31st, 2015

We did some quick analysis and discovered a few interesting facts about the Inc. 500. Looking at the top companies in the software category, just over a third participate in SaaS marketplaces, as either a product that is listed or sold by a third-party, or as a marketplace operator. Learn more about why this is important.

Watch Out, Dr. Hawking! Here Comes Ed, AppDirect Sales Engineer

Posted by Gretchen Dukowitz on Monday, August 24th, 2015

Here’s another post in our new blog series that features the stories of our talented team members from around the world. In this edition, you'll meet Ed, a sales engineer here at AppDirect who relishes the business and technical aspects of this role. Read on to learn more about him.

Leading Tech Voices Join AppDirect Partner Summit to Talk Traction

Posted by Daniel Saks on Friday, August 14th, 2015

In today’s global cloud economy, traction can be incredibly difficult to find, and even harder to hold onto. How does a startup drive signups for its new platform? How does an established global brand open new markets and create new value? For any business trying to achieve more, it all boils down to one critical element—traction. Read more about how we're shifting the focus of this year’s Partner Summit and broadening its reach.

AppDirect Heats Up Microsoft WPC in Orlando

Posted by Elliot Curtis on Monday, August 10th, 2015

Last month at Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, we had the opportunity to demonstrate AppDirect’s technology in the Office 365 Pavilion and a number of Microsoft sessions. These demos sparked great conversations about how to drive cloud profitability, automate business processes, and quickly create compelling customer offers. Read more about our key takeaways from this year's WPC event.

A Game-Changer for SaaS Sales and Distribution

Posted by Paul Arnautoff on Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Today, AppDirect is announcing a game-changing set of products that will help companies “experiment smarter” instead of “failing faster.” The AppDirect Monetization Suite is a powerful, end-to-end solution that can drive every aspect of cloud service commerce, from sales and management, to billing and distribution, to reseller enablement. Read more about how AppDirect is helping companies of any size in any vertical sell cloud services through direct and indirect sales channels.

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