Release Notes

Notes for Release 51

This week, several API-related improvements have been made to the Marketplace Manager.

Release: 51
Release date: June 29, 2012

Developer Portal Improvements

  • Link to add Documentation
    • Web apps can now add a link to their product documentation within the "Edit Listing" page.  Customers can see the documentation link on the overview tab of the product profiles.

Marketplace Manager

  • Manage Products API Health
    • Product functionality in the Marketplace, My Apps, and App Manager can now be disabled if the appropriate APIs are found to be failing:
      • Purchase (Create Subscription API):
        • Customer sees appropriate messaging on profile header and cannot purchase product.
      • Single Sign-On:
        • Customer sees maintenance messaging on product in My Apps page and Customer cannot launch product.
      • Subscription Change or Update:
        • Customer sees appropriate messaging in the "Update Edition" panel in Manage Apps.
        • Customer cannot update subscription from Editions panel on profile or from Manage Apps.
        • Customer cannot change ownership of product.
    • Disabling options are found in Channel > Marketplace > Catalog > Product Settings. This feature replaces (and removes) the single "Under Maintenance" flag.
    • This feature is only available if a product is an exclusive product to a marketplace or the marketplace owns the network catalog.


  • SEO Improvements
    • All meta description tags have been updated in the marketplace to be more descriptive. This includes marketplace home, search results, and product profile pages.

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