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Notes for Release 49

This week's release features some major updates, including the addition and reorganization of several pages. Also, please note that our Release Notes will soon be changing. We'll be switching to a format that's easier to read and search. The new Release Notes will also be password protected, so if you need access to the new section, please contact your account manager. 

Release: 49
Release date: June 15, 2012

Marketplace Manager

The Marketplace Manager went through some major reorganization updates. Our in-app video will take you on a tour of the new features, or you can read about them below.

To summarize, three new pages were made:

  • Marketplace Home. All current marketplace activity is aggregated here.
    • The Customer Support Portal has been moved to the left navigation, with updated UI for the User and Company detail pages. All functionality is the same.
    • Orders page includes subscriptions, invoices, and payments. Invoice and Payments can be viewed on their own screen. 
    • Reconciliation page includes the Payouts and Reconciliation tables. This is where you can see transfers between customers, vendors, your marketplace, and AppDirect.
    • Reviews & Questions page:
      • This is a new screen for all marketplaces which have chosen to moderate customer posts on their marketplace. Here a channel admin can approve (and post) or deny (and delete) questions, reviews, comments, and answers.
      • In marketplaces with moderated content, customers are shown a message that their post will appear shortly.
      • If a post is approved, it appears immediately. If it is denied, it is permanently deleted and the customer receives an email informing them that their post was inappropriate.
        • This denial email can be edited from the "Edit Email Templates" screen.
    • Event logs have been moved to this area.
  • Products. All product related pages have been moved to the Products page.
    • The Product Catalog page now has a link (top right button) to add from the product network. No other functionality has been changed.
    • Product Groups and the Native Product Catalog have had some UI improvements and fixes.
  • Settings
    • The new General Settings page allows channel admins to update some static fields and other advanced settings:
      • The marketplace name appears within the product, in emails, and help text. Typically used in a sentence (e.g., "Welcome to {Marketplace Name}" or, "Thank you for making an account on {Marketplace Name}"). Also appears in page titles for SEO.
      • Your company name appears on invoices and in emails.
      • Support resources may appear in your header/footer UI if they are used in your templates. They are also used in emails and other help text across the site.
      • Legal resources appear in the activation and purchase flows; the customer is linked to them when agreeing to their terms. They may also appear in your footer if used in your templates.
    • Email templates have been moved to Settings. All other functionality is the same.

Account Management

  • Customers now have an externally-facing customer ID number. This is visible in invoices, payments, and order receipts as well as in customer profiles. This ID can be used for managing support calls and tickets.
  • When a company is using the 'secure password' option (user must change their password every 90 days), an email is now sent to the customer to remind them to update their password.


  • SEO improvements
    • All marketplace images now have alt tags.
    • Web crawler-friendly product profile improvements.


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