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Notes for Release 40

This week, we have quite a number of improvements that affect the marketplace experience for both vendors and customers. 

Release Branch: 40
Release Date: April 13, 2012

Vendor Improvements

  • Marketpace Header Widget within Web Apps
    • When a customer launches a Web App (with the widget implemented), a header bar from the marketplace will 'stick' with them.
    • This header links to the marketplace, relevant user and subscription management for that product, and single sign shortcuts to the customer's other subscribed products.
    • To implement:
      • A javascript snippet will be sent to app vendors for them to include in their products. The vendor will have to do a check to load the snippet if the user is from an AppDirect-powered marketplace.
  • Asyncronous Integration Type
    • Products with non-asyncronous endpoints are now supported. This means that we support products which cannot immediately respond to API events (i.e., they need to be manually provisioned).
    • To implement:
      • The async flag can be added to any endpoint and set to true, for example:
<base URL>/api/dummy/success?token={token}&async=true

When this endpoint is called, it will always return a 202 Accepted. This tells AppDirect that the event is asyncronous and the customer experience will update accordingly.

  • The customer experience
    • After purchasing an asyncronous product, the customer will be informed that their purchase is pending. The product icon will appear on the myapps page with appropriate state and messaging.
      • Once the vendor manually provisions the account the customer recieves an email and the product updates to become active.
    • After cancelling or assigning an asyncronous product, the customer will see messaging regarding the pending event.
  • The vendor experience
    • Vendors can go to their Integration Events page to see their pending events. By clicking the link on the event they can finish it manually and the customer will be informed of the update.

Marketplace Manager improvements

  • CSR improvements on orders
    • CSRs can now search for order numbers in the order table.
    • Product Terms and Conditions are linked from the order detail page.


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