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Mithril is a global investment firm that provides capital to leading growth companies, partnering with teams who use technology to build valuable and lasting businesses

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iNovia Capital

Singularly focused on backing exceptional entrepreneurs that build great companies.

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Stingray Digital Group

A leading provider of cutting-edge applications delivering high-quality music and video content on multiple platforms, including Digital TV, IPTV, Internet, mobile, and game consoles.

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Foundry Group

Foundry Group is a venture capital firm focused on making investments in early-stage information technology, Internet and software startups.

Hamnett Hill

Founder and Executive Chairman, Radialpoint

Eric Boyko

CEO, Stingray Digital

Francois Charles Sirois

President, Telesystem

Pascal Tremblay

General Partner, Novacap

Martin Couture

CEO, Sanimax

Clarence and Glenn Mah

CFO and COO, First Pick Management

Rob Fetherstonhaugh

President, RBN FetherCapital Advisors