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Create your career, shape the industry, and drive the future of IT.

“I love working at AppDirect because everyone has the chance to make a meaningful impact on our product and vision.”
Paul Arnautoff, Business Development

“I get to work with very talented people on a clean and solid codebase, developing a product that is revolutionizing the industry.”
Dmitry Torba, Senior Software Engineer

“AppDirect provides a collaborative, open environment where we are encouraged to learn and participate in every aspect of the company.”
Mary Becica, Product Manager

“AppDirect's founding values, innovative technology, collaborative culture, and fun work environment remind me that I am working towards something big everyday.”
Sneha Agnihotri, QA Engineer

Why Work at AppDirect?

Drive disruption.

Are you ready to revolutionize the cloud industry? AppDirect has built a pioneering platform that connects businesses, application developers, and end users through branded partner marketplaces. Help us make history as we redefine the cloud.

Amaze yourself.

We work to create an environment where our team is challenged and inspired every day. As part of that, we've built a diverse and passionate crew of cloud advocates who work hard and have fun together. If you're smart and driven, you'll fit in perfectly here.

Inspire others.

Own your schedule, your results, and your future. You’ll be encouraged to bring creative solutions to the table that reflect your experience and personality. With the freedom to contribute in your own unique way, here you can do just about anything.

Discover excellence.

We've set our sights on perfection and we won't compromise. Our unshakable commitment to quality requires us to be proactive and do things right the first time. You'll be equipped with all the resources you need to deliver work that truly makes you proud.

Meet Some of the Team

Kenny Yu

Partner Success Manager

I'm responsible for managing telco channel partners and ensuring they are successful with their marketplaces. Before AppDirect, I was in sales at LinkedIn.

Leslie Hui

Assistant Controller

I am in charge of our Accounting function and ensure our financials are presented accurately – responsibility ranges from policy creation and implementation to ensuring our vendors get paid. You purchase a computer? I track that. A new deal gets executed? I work with our finance and legal teams to ensure proper revenue treatment. I enjoy following the SF Giants, eating other people’s food, and dancing at my desk.

Santhosh Meleppuram

Senior Software Engineer

APIs, APIs, APIs.  I build them among many other things at AppDirect.  Before this, I was at Cisco's emerging technology group.  Outside of work, I enjoying tinkering with tech, go karting, and painting.

Dmitry Torba

Senior Software Engineer

I create the code that creates the magic of the user experience. I love snowboarding, hiking and being outdoors.

Linda Yang

Product Designer

At AppDirect, I help craft user experience by creating templates for software features with pixels, language and code. For inspiration, I draw on principles of design, psychology and communication. For guidance, I leverage technical experience in web development.

Igor Tsigelnik

Senior Software Engineer

In AppDirect you are challenged every day by your work and it is extremely satisfying by the end of the day. You are surrounded by bright, intelligent people, open-minded, free-thinking, and cooperative.

Yarun Luon

UI Engineer

I enjoy the never-ending challenge of defining the user experience. When not crafting code, I'm running, seeking unconventional adventures, or engaged in suspensions of disbelief.

Ben Domanico

Creative Director

I toil in the inner-most chambers of Photoshop making sure all the pixels wind up in the right places. When I'm not building things on a screen, I enjoy building things in real life - usually out of wood and leather. In my free time I also enjoy composing music, trekking around the city by bike, and David Attenborough.

Kelsey Dunn


I'm a Talent Sourcer and candidate-experience expert at AppDirect. I enjoy seeing the impact each new team member makes on our growing team. In my spare time, I like to dog-sit and wait in line at trendy brunch spots.

Eric Lew

Business Analyst

I work on business intelligence, focusing on marketplace analytics, competitive analysis and industry research.  In my free time I love photography, cycling and getting outdoors.

Alex Capasso


As a graphic designer, I help craft the look of all things AppDirect. As part of the D+C team, we promote company culture, imagine new products and generally help to realize AppDirect's vision.  When I'm not in front of a screen, I'm likely going deaf in front of my JCM800 or V4.

Alice Liu

UI Engineer

I especially enjoy contributing to building a modular scalable architecture for giving each marketplace their unique look and feel. In my free time, I enjoy drawing, dining out with friends, and practicing yoga.

Hooria Komal

Senior Software Engineer

I'm a software engineer working on backend infrastructure to keep pace with our customers' evolving requirements. Outside of work I can be found hiking, watching movies or reading in one of San Francisco's many quaint coffee shops.

Gretchen Dukowitz

Communications Editor

I write and edit a range of communications for AppDirect, from press releases, to web copy, to contributed articles and beyond. Outside of work, I enjoy going to the opera, hiking, exploring the East Bay, and spending time with my family.

Liza Ivanova

Test Automation Lead

At AppDirect, I'm responsible for building our automation framework using TestNG and WebDriver. In my free time I enjoy traveling, hiking, mountain skiing, good food, and the company of friends and family.

Narayanan Venkiteswaran

Senior Software Engineer

I work on the backend of the platform, creating and refining code that touches everything from billing to the marketplace itself. In my free time I enjoy traveling, hiking, trivia, and laughing at fellow co-workers’ attempts to pronounce my name.

Sneha Agnihotri

QA Engineer

I make sure the application is bug-free and fulfills all the requirements. Before AppDirect, I was working at Halliburton in the Tech Software TEG - L&P department in Houston.

Chris Messick

Senior Account Manager

I come into AppDirect everyday excited to collaborate with our partners on innovative and impactful ways they can use their marketplace, drive app sell-through and make their clients' businesses more successful. When I'm not working, I love traveling, skiing and hanging with friends.

Bryan Jowers

Product Manager

I'm a Product Manager at AppDirect and I'm fortunate to get to build challenging products with the most outstanding engineering team you can bring together.

Mary Becica

Product Manager

I've worked with a wide range of design shops and startups; designing landscapes and modular gardens, mid-rise buildings, web sites, sculpture installations, and of course, business web applications! At AppDirect, I design and build our user experience.

Christian Hadidjaja

Senior Software Engineer

I joined AppDirect in 2012 and have loved every minute of the fast-paced, agile environment.  When I'm not working with Java and open source technologies, I'm typically found taking pictures, playing tennis, hiking, or just staring at the clouds.

Fivos Constantinou

Senior Software Engineer

I transform our customer's appreciation into money in the bank. Outside of work, running has been a passion and an obsession in my life. I've been running competitively for years and I still haven't found a better way to relax than heading out for a run on a distant trail, away from anything that resembles modern civilization.

Tim Dean

Sr. Systems Administrator

I am a system administrator on our operations team, which means I'm responsible for all production services. In my free time, I enjoy sailing, seeing live music, burning man, and spending time with my family.

Anthony Kline

Technical Recruiter

I'm a talent hunter who thrives in fast paced start up environments. After building the core engineering teams of some of the hottest Bay Area start ups, I am very excited to be part of AppDirect.

Open Positions

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Health, vision, paid time off—we've got the standard benefits covered, plus a whole lot more.

Gym Membership

Gym Membership

A healthy body is key to a healthy mind. That's why we offer gym memberships to state-of-the-art facilities where you can take classes, workout with a personal trainer, or follow your own path to optimal physical fitness.

Cool, Collaborative Office

Cool, Collaborative Office

Work in a relaxed, open atmosphere where you can easily collaborate with colleagues, or find some space for solo contemplation. Our newly gut-renovated office not only features sleek stylings, but also a beautiful kitchen that's fully stocked with snacks and beverages, including Blue Bottle coffee.

Team Outings

Team Outings

Forget trust falls and lame department retreats. AppDirect offers team outings that you'll actually want to attend, from company happy hours to weekend ski trips to Tahoe. We're always on the lookout for activities where our team can get to know each other a little better and have lots of fun.